I had the great privilege of interviewing Tara Baswani for my book and have featured the award winning performing artist in Chapter Three of The Spare Room, “A Voice for the Voiceless”. And oh, what a voice.

Tara broke professional ground as a leading creative voice with shows on National Geographic, Discovery, and MTV. Then, when she joined the Cirque Du Soleil, she became the first Indian musician to collaborate with the world-renowned company.

Yet, despite her dizzyingly successful career, Tara has remained a deeply compassionate, outrageously talented, and wonderfully thoughtful human. We catch up once a month and I’m always left feeling equal parts richly inspired and warmly embraced.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Tara Baswani

Read all about my dear friend, Tara’s life journey in The Spare Room and what inspired her to write and record the internationally acclaimed solo music project, Quest. We’re all better because there are people like Tara in our lives.

PS – Want to see Tara live in action? She joined my Instagram Live virtual book launch party on 4/9 and blessed us with a surprise performance! We were the privileged few to be first to hear a song that remains yet unnamed. To hear the brilliant, unmatched Tara, please check out this portion of the IG Live event!

A snippet from our IG Live event.

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