I’ve just loved getting to know and working with Kendall Yu! A few weeks ago, I posted that I was looking for a marketing intern to help me launch The Spare Room, and was delighted to see the applications stream in!

After meeting with each candidate (because if they invested the time to express interest, I wanted to invest the time to get at least get to know them)… I realized that I was choosing from an incredibly diverse range of applications – from high schoolers to VP’s of Marketing. Realizing this was an excellent opportunity to build a reverse mentoring relationship, I chose Kendall.

She’s a junior at UMass, who has impressively built quite a following for her own social channel. Smart, efficient, and passionate about marketing, she doesn’t even blink her fabulous lashes at our 16 hour time difference.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Kendall | intern

This younger generation, especially those doing schooling through COVID, have become so adept at working online and navigating the digital world. There’s a lot she can teach me, even as I hope to share some marketing experience with her on this shared journey.

Our delightful collaboration, which is just beginning, has reminded me of the power of reverse mentorship. Let’s always position ourselves in such a way that we can learn from those who are younger than us. Let’s never look down on anyone because they’re less experienced; rather, let’s remember that each person we meet can teach and inspire us. Let’s surround ourselves with the passionate and the curious!

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