I’d like to think that I make good choices in the big moments. I choose to have the hard conversation, and our family chooses to open our Spare Room to those in need. But do I make good micro choices?

These are the micro moments that feel inconsequential… at least to me. But I’ve come to realize that this important truth:

Any time we have a choice, we’re in a position of privilege.

Even the smallest choice requires attention and care, because it presents an opportunity to build someone up. In the past on LinkedIn, I didn’t always respond to comments on my feed. I frequently relied on default responses provided, like “No, thanks.” But I’ve been inspired…no, changed… by my friend Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey.

She helps every person she encounters feel like the most important person in her world. She’s measured and patient, kind beyond measure. In watching her, I’ve realized I can and should do more.

Make micro choices that build people up.

I want to embrace those micro choices, leveraging each opportunity to spread good will and encourage consideration. I’m going to take the extra 30 seconds to write personal notes to everyone who reaches out. Join me in keeping micro choices top of mind. As they accumulate, they can make a big difference.

Thanks Dr. Elizabeth. You’re an inspiration.

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