Curious about the lock down life? We were escorted to hotel quarantine directly from the airport by kind, efficient professionals completely outfitted in hazmat suits.

We’ve found the local Chinese hotel to be quite comfortable, with a/c and even a tiny fridge in the room. Nothing to complain about!

Which is good, because we’re not allowed out. At all.

So… what am I most grateful for having packed?

My yoga mat, for sure. Also, snacks!

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | China quarantine snacks
And that’s why Laini chose to room with me vs. dad.

Also, mugs and utensils have come in handy, along with dish soap and sponge.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | China quarantine what to bring

Health & Safety procedures

Now, in my previous post, you probably saw the meticulously clean check-in process at the hotel. At that point, we were given bleach and disinfectant, instructed to apply after every use.

We entered our room to find this helpful safety pamphlet.

Every day, twice a day, someone comes to our room to check our temperature. Conveniently, our garbage is removed daily and meals are left by the door.

We aren’t given much time to provide our temperatures – after all, they have some serious rounds to do! So, to help make it easy for them, this has become my regular view as we wait by the door.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | China quarantine peek

The kids are all right.

Since Minki is in another room (three people quarantining in one hotel room would push even this family to the edge!) we share meals together via video.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | China quarantine facetime

So far, no complaints! Lovely friends have dropped off lots of wonderful surprises (though sadly, alcohol was not allowed up).

All the furniture is saran-wrapped so unsticking ourselves each time we stand up is a new experience. Luckily, the bed isn’t.

So, life in quarantine is just fine. Laini and I are working out together and staggering our calls so we’re not both online at once. And, should we ever feel our nerves getting a bit frayed, we only have to remember this…

Hope you’ve found this informative and interesting! Let us know if you have any questions on the experience. It’s one for the books, for sure!

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