Is it weird that I’ve enjoyed life in quarantine? Hanging with my girl 24/7, juggling calls and reading books in our downtime. Watching movies, working out together and basking in togetherness. This may actually be my personal nirvana.

Alas, it is now time to move on.

After the first part of quarantine, we were told to be ready at 6:30AM today for someone to come take our temperature and check us out. Three hazmats helped us transfer luggage with utmost professionalism and kindness. I also picked up the lovely bottles of St. Germain and whiskey that had been sent by friends but not allowed up (we shall celebrate tonight!)

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | China quarantine | hotel
Waiting in the lobby to check out

Then with two other families, we boarded a shuttle that delivered us to our temporary housing. Ironically, while we may have been safe from the virus, automotive safety was a big question mark.

Heavy, rolling luggage gave the sensation of a carnival ride!

As if the moving mountains of luggage weren’t exciting enough on the drive, my husband, who’s been quarantined alone for a week, kept staring dreamily at us and saying, “hi.” He occasionally reached out and patted me on the shoulder, as if to reassure himself that I was really there.

I pretended not to notice.

Two hazmats received us at our temporary housing, and one followed us into the apartment. We had our photos taken every few minutes, I suppose to provide visual confirmation that we didn’t deviate from the approved path.

Arriving at our temporary residence

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | blog | China quarantine | check
Taking photos of all our docs and forms again

Meet Ms. Chen. She is our government neighborhood committee contact. We are very grateful to her; you see, as part of the process, the committee has to approve our home quarantine, because this obviously puts a lot of extra work on their shoulders.

Ms. Chen was very diligent and professional, efficiently chewing her way through copious amounts of paperwork. She could probably make a pretty sweet photo diary of our family at this point. She’ll also come by twice a day to take our temperatures.

We were warned that there are sensors on the doors, so we aren’t to open the doors except when Ms. Chen visits.

Well, Laini’s now on a class video call and I’ve got a work call coming up. We’ll settle here until 9/22, when we officially receive our “get out of jail” cards. Until then, the three of us are together again, and should mentally return to a slightly saner place.

Evidence of quarantine delirium:

Laini and I had begun making characters out of our morning steamed buns. They had voices and everything.

We loved each of our little dudes until Pig-Orc showed up, giving them all inferiority complexes. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

Each evening, we shared dinner with Minki over video chat and, terribly uncomfortable with the silence of having NOTHING NEW TO SAY, reverted to this.

Needless to say, he was the unicorn.

Thanks for coming along our journey… it’s been a trip!