I learned so much in my 11yrs at P&G, including how to write the famous “one page memo.” P&G-ers, you know what I’m talking about. Our best thinking organized on one page. I learned all the tricks: 11-font, 10.8 line spacing, and margins as narrow as we could get them.

Last week, my daughter was trying to fit an essay on one page. I took one look at those fat, generous margins, and taught her to stretch the margins. “That’s great, how did I not think of that?!” Then she said, “I feel so stupid.”??‍♀️

I stopped her – this wasn’t a case of missing INTELLIGENCE; rather, it was one of missing KNOWLEDGE. A critical difference to understand! ?

Often, we question our intellect when we’re simply lacking useful knowledge. My kid was working within perceived constraints. See, our mind sees patterns and we immediately start working within assumed confines. But what if we first stop to list our boundaries? And then, one by one, pressure test their stretchability?

This week, ask yourself: What margins are you working within? Which ones are stretchable, and what new options do you unlock if you give a little nudge? Also, who might be able to teach you some tips and tricks?