Deep. Breath. Hey guys, sometimes you just have a KILLER day. The kind of killer day, you don’t even know how killer it is until you finally get home, sit down, and take a breath. Make it a deeeeep one.

Because yes, people will sometimes let you down. Possibly, someone’s sense of right & wrong has taken a short holiday. You wonder “Seriously!!” at a person’s behavior, and then they actually double down. Oh, and then you get in a car accident on the way home and end up in crutches.

But don’t forget. 

Don’t forget those who put a huge smile on your face (LX! HT!) Don’t forget the huge win your team just celebrated (WS! KH! AH!)

Don’t forget the small voice that courageously shared something private, important, and precious (GY, KC, JW). Don’t forget the champions who do their best, quietly and heroically, every day (JS, LC, DY, AZ). Or the partner you trust with your life (AJ). Or the new leader who joined your team with a huge smile and brilliant ideas (YM)!

You see? Deep breath. And in gratitude, you realize, your killer day was actually pretty good, after all.