What’s the opposite of care? Perhaps indifference would be a logical answer. But quite often, the answer is: hurry. You see, I believe few people are truly indifferent to those around them. Their bigger challenge is that of limited time + too much going on.

A. Take a moment and reflect on your best self, when you’re most relaxed. How generous are you in spirit? How much grace and patience do you exhibit to those around you?

B. Now, think about when you’re most stressed. When you’re in a hurry and running late. Though it’s not who you are, can you sometimes treat others dismissively or react abruptly?

The difference between A and B, in how you feel and how you treat those around you, is time.

Yet we know life is full of unexpected snags and interruptions. So rather than rushing through the interruptions, what if you looked for ways to unhurry and be present in the moment?

How might we unhurry? 1) Take a deep breath and look at the person in front of you. 2) Mentally package everything else that’s swirling in your brain into a box and close the lid for a few minutes. 3) Focus on the moment, listen, demonstrate care. 4) Complete the interaction with kindness, whether it’s via immediate resolution or a future appointment.

It only took a few minutes, yet you and those around you were able to bask in a carved out moment of unhurry. It’s as though time slowed and the room suddenly filled with warmth.

Some of the most generous leaders I’ve known: Kenneth, Rossann, Christy… they never seemed to be in a hurry, despite their huge jobs. And everyone around them benefitted… we felt important and cared for. And isn’t that the most important thing at the end of the day?

Today, embrace the interruptions and #unhurry.