I know it’s not easy to stay home. Friends are going stir-crazy. Loved ones are separated during times of crisis.

Yet, I can’t help be also feel grateful. We are ensconced in the comfort of a lovely home with (more than) basic necessities well supplied. We are ‘forced’ to take a break… which is just what many of us needed. We are enabled to learn a new pace of living, exploration, and togetherness.

In fact, we’ve found our family operating differently after our #mobilebiosphere adventure as we transition into shelter-at-home in a house. My husband and I just shared a 5mi run and reflected on these changes.

We’re closer than ever with our brothers, FaceTiming and even playing games. If you haven’t tried Jackbox Games, I recommend it! Great for adults and kids alike.

Of all of us, Puffin seems the happiest. He’s always pretty chill, but has zenned out to a new level of meditative calm.

That is, until he found an empty bag of dog food.