How much time will you spend on these three critical actions: Doing… Thinking… Being?

We’re most accustomed to doing. Head down at the computer or striding briskly to the next meeting. If stuck at home, attending countess Teams meetings and generating impressive volumes of emails.

It’s the action of all actions… doing.

But thinking is also an action. Pausing to reflect before taking action is actually an important action before the action. Planning your next step and anticipating questions are intentional actions, too. People who work with me know I schedule 50min meetings. That 10min allows for travel between meetings, a quick stretch, or a bio break. It also allows for thinking to process what we’ve just discussed, and a moment to reset and organize mentally for what’s ahead.

Last but not least, being is an action. Yes, it is! To be means to represent. With your physical or mental self. Whether listening, speaking, thinking, typing or sitting quietly, you contribute just by being. Sarah, who supports me, is amazing. She sits right next to me. And just seeing her… just her being there… propels me forward. Because she’s there, I know the rest of my day is on track. I walk each floor in my free time, with no agenda. Just being. Being visible. Being available. Being present.

How much time to you put against each action? Doing… thinking… being? What does your pie chart look like for 2021?

#intentional #leadership