This statement reflects a belief that happiness is a static and finite goal, within our grasp when we get that promotion, buy that house, or finally put a ring on it. 

Yet, many achieve their desired milestone and then find themselves wanting. “Is this all there is?” “Now, what?”

Well, I believe there is more. I believe that a life well-lived is marked by more than titles, awards, fortune or fame. It’s about what we do that lasts… it’s about what we leave behind.

It’s about our social legacy.

Are circumstances better because you have been here? Are people thriving, joyful, and developing because you have positively impacted them? 

Maybe this is exactly your desired outcome, but you don’t know how to get started. My book, The Spare Room, will take you through a series of thought-provoking exercises to help you define your own social legacy. By the time you turn to the last page, you will have identified, unpacked and written out a personal action plan.

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Emily Chang | The Spare Room book