My daughter occasionally disappears for hours at a time, only to emerge with a beautiful piece of jewelry she’s just created. This is her love language; she translates an emotion she may not always verbally or physically express, and pours that love into the process of making.

Recently over Chinese New Year break, she went missing for about four hours and then emerged with this ring for me. It’s a tree of life, using amethyst instead of the usual green stone, because purple is my favorite color. 🥰

This is Laini’s way of saying, “I love you.” In return, I want her to know that I appreciate her gestures, and value her investment into these pieces. So, I wear them. In fact, every single day, I wear two bracelets she made me while we were in quarantine together.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Laini jewelry | wire weaving
Some wear David Yurman, Chopard, or Van Cleef. I wear Laini Chang.

You see, each person’s love language is different, whether at home or at work. Have we paused to consider whether someone is expressing appreciation, respect or care? And importantly, how might we recognize that gesture and make sure we communicate back, “I value you”?