I’m guessing your media consumption has gone up. Under the circumstances, totally understandable. Yet, passive consumption of streaming content can become the enemy of intentional living. 

Have you found yourself “running out of time” to do the things you meant to do today? Did you really run out of time? Hint: Check your screen time. After all, social media is carefully designed to draw you in and hold you captive! 

Look, I’m not bashing social media. Trust me, I love staying connected and communicating. But I want to engage on my terms, and not at the expense of my daily intentions. 

If you can relate to this, try setting yourself a time limit. It occurred to me, I set a limit for my daughter on her phone… so why not set one for myself?

Yes, this requires some degree of will power and planning. Sure, it requires energy but it also releases it! In fact, it frees you up and opens up new possibilities. So you can end each day knowing you invested your time and resources with intentionality.

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