What a gorgeous part of the country! We so enjoyed seeing the ancient pueblo cliff dwellings. Those with younger kiddos will love these – literally hundreds of rooms they can run in and out of!

They can climb the walls…

And yet still maintain social distance 🙂

Emily Chang | #Mobilebiosphere | New Mexico pueblo cliff dwellings | Laini

Unfortunately, because these are such old sites that need to be carefully preserved, no animals allowed.

Emily Chang | #Mobilebiosphere | Holly and Puffin

The ride to Chaco Canyon (Pueblo Bonita) was at times, unpaved. Made for a very bumpy ride and deep appreciation of paved roads!

The RV camp and immersion with nature was also beautiful, from sunrise…

to dinner and sunset.

Emily Chang | #Mobilebiosphere | New Mexico | Dinner

Once we left the pueblo dwellings, Holly was glad to be back outside.

Emily Chang | #Mobilebiosphere | New Mexico | Holly

Puffin, as usual, stayed inside.

Emily Chang | #Mobilebiosphere | New Mexico | Puffin

The book we listened to was Code Talker, set in New Mexico. A true story of unsung heroes… definitely worth the read/listen!

If you’re interested, this RV camp was fantastic: Santa Fe Skies RV Park.