This photo was taken three years ago. I had handed down that yellow tank to Laini, who then sewed and affixed some fabric flowers to make it her own. I think there’s something sweet and intimate, wearing someone’s hand me downs.

And now that my twelve year-old is taller than me, I’m starting to wear her hand me downs! This morning, I slipped a soft Abercrombie hoodie over my head and breathed in her scent. Sometimes, I find a loose coin or forgotten wrapper in a pocket.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | in Laini hoodie

As we physically swap places, I’ve been reflecting on how much we’re intellectually beginning to switch places, too. Don’t get me wrong… I’m still teaching her and have more life experience from which to draw. But she’s developing her own point of view and teaching me about the world, too.

Just as I’ve been learning from my marketing intern, I’m also learning from my daughter. And isn’t it magical, these wonderful cycles of sharing and knowledge, which transfer from old to young and back to old?