Today’s my last day conferencing from our library.

The packers have come, and the house will soon be empty as we prepare to move. I’ll miss this spot. I wrote my book, The Spare Room, standing right here. My favorite reading behind me, a stunning view of lake and mountain before me.

It was also a great position for video conferencing. Have you found the perfect spot? Here are a few tips and why I like this one

1. BACKGROUND is authentic and warm, without being distracting or too busy.

Avoid flashy patterns, which can be distracting. Similarly, stay away from bright colors, which can be unflattering like bright red, orange or yellow. Instead, choose backgrounds with neutral tones like light grey or eggshell, which are easier on the eyes. (Actually, I’m coming back to this post in 2022, and realize this background is still too busy. I’d remove the flowers and further edit the shelves).

Alternatively, you can set a different virtual background. Again, simple backgrounds are best. And try not to wear the same color as your background, which will cause your image to flit in and out.

2. SETTING reveals a little of my personal tastes yet avoids getting too personal.

It’s true – people like to zoom in and check out the books on your shelves. So, what do your surroundings say about who you are?

3. LIGHTING is a beautiful, natural glow from outside and there’s no lighting above me to create dark circles under my eyes.

Don’t choose a seat where the light is behind you, which will cast you in shadow. So if you’re near a window, face the window.

FRAMING allows the “rule of thirds,” eyeline at top third, collarbone at bottom third.

ANGLE is straight on so no one’s forced to look up my nose or down my hairline.

SOUND is muted in my relatively small room, and thousands of pages absorb echoes.

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