I’m going to miss the apartment where we lived for the last year. Not because of the awesome location right off 405 or huge closets. Rather, it’s all about the community and legacy we got to leave behind. Wherever we live and for however long, do you know what? We can find the FUN and leave a legacy!

It’s all about community.

Ah, those lovely humans we get to live life with. We may choose to let years go by and not say hello to a next door neighbor, or we can intentionally curate connection in life’s most mundane moments. Here on Ashton with some lovely people, we curated a special sense of community in this building. We held doors for each other, gave each other’s puppies little treats, and looked out for each other’s packages.

And then we found the FUN!

See, in inclement weather, the littles often played in the garage. So one day I hung this bag from “the Ashton elves.” Periodically leaving them little toys, books and snacks…. hoping to add a little fun to their inside play days. And it was only when we moved out that I discovered others in the building had started to leave little treasures, too! 

Ashton elves - toys

Long live the elves.

People say it’s difficult to connect in LA. But community is what we make it, and I’m constantly uplifted by how humans rise to the occasion! May the Ashton elves live on and here’s to #sociallegacy!

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