Discover Your Social Legacy and Become More Intentional, More Human in Your Life

A few highlights from our podcast:

  • What inspired me to start the “Social Legacy” movement, how it works, and why it leads to stronger leaders and just better humans
  • Why I believe we should integrate work and family instead of trying to find a balance, and how doing so changed my life 3-dimensionally
  • Why you should always say yes when somebody offers you help
  • Why I want my epitaph to read “I died empty.”

Jeanne Sparrow interviews business leaders, entrepreneurs, colleagues, authros, friends, and elebrities for real and honest conversations about finding your Fearless Authenticity. She digs deep into how you make lasting relationships in your professional and private life; how you express yourself fearlessly; and how you deal with the challenges and obstacles on the way to achieving your goals. Listen to the Fearless Authenticity Podcast here.