CEO Forum

CEO Forum in Washington, D.C. What a humbling experience, sharing thoughts on Transformational Leadership with a room of highly successful CEO’s.

Leadership Scholars in Ohio

Repeat speaker for Leadership Scholars in Ohio, addressing and engaging 50-60 college leaders. 11/19, 12/18, 11/17

Creative Leadership NZ

Keynote, “The Power of AND” and workshop, “Developing Your Personal Brand.” To view the talk, please click below. Read More...

National Retail Federation 2020

I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote to thousands of students entering the retail workplace. We talked about “Dancing to Life’s Rhythms, Instead of Making Life March to Yours”.

Burson Cohn & Wolfe Asian-C

Sat on a panel with Curtis Chin, moderated by Shaila Manyam on “The Asian Consumer in a Post-COVID World.”

HATCH Impact Labs

Served as a pitch coach and panelist with other innovative, creative and purpose-driven leaders.

Facebook & Advertising Week Panel

As the only 👠 amongst a group of 👞execs, I’ve been mistaken for admin support more than once. What’s the best response when you’re asked to fetch a cup of coffee? This and more on Advertising Week x Facebook Table Talk Series on “The Future of Equality in Business.” Watch Part 1 Watch Part 2

Knotch Opportunity Makers Podcast

In honor of National Immigrants Day, Knotch has launched Opportunity Makers, a series profiling immigrant leaders and celebrating the value immigrants bring to the workplace. Check out my story here