The She-Suite Community Podcast

I spoke with Melissa Dawn-Simkins about living with intentionality and entering 2021 with a sense of purpose. We covered defining your own social legacy, hacks for maintaining work-life integration, and a few career tips. Listen here...

Infinite Pie Thinking Podcast

I just love Al’s concept of Infinite Pie! Loved exchanging thoughts on how our imperfections make us more beautiful , what “being in the people business” really means, and why our intern asked to attend more meetings.

The Spare Room zoom room!


Our Instagram Live event sparked the idea of The Spare Room zoom room, a live gathering where you all could meet and see each other (vs. only staring at my and Kendall's faces). Check out a clip from the Live event here. So... I'm hosting our first Spare Room zoom room! And what could be […]