The Spare Room
11/17 I first shared the story behind my own social legacy, The Spare Room, at Hatch. I’m grateful to Yarrow Kraner for the invitation to speak at his incredible event – it led to my TEDx talk, innumerable conversations with extraordinary people, and where I am with the idea of social legacy today.
NRF Foundation Student Program 2020
1/20 “Raise Your Hand”: Define your personal brand equity, purpose and the social legacy you’d like to leave.
Creative Leadership New Zealand
12/19 The power of AND: unlocking new opportunity at the intersection of perceived juxtapositions
Executive Roundtables
10/19 With the GRMA, we hosted CMO discussions in Atlanta and Boston on Personal Purpose & Social Legacy.
Leading with Purpose
5/19 At the 2019 Global Retail Marketing Association Growth and Innovation Forum, I was invited to share the stage with Joe Hartsig, Walgreens Chief Merchandising Officer to share on the topic of leading with purpose.

Feedback from Speaking Engagements

Advertising Week x Facebook Table Talk Series “Emily brought a refreshing authenticity and relatability, even via a virtual environment using BlueJeans. She avoids business speak and distills complex ideas into simple, relatable frameworks, like her idea of ‘3D Leadership.’ When Emily speaks, it’s clear she’s not trying to drive an agenda, but approaches the opportunity with a generous spirit to empower and inspire.” Karen Teo FounderVice President, Global Business Group, APAC, Facebook
Creative Leadership New Zealand “Was wonderful to have Emily contribute to the success of the 3rd Creative Leadership NZ conference here in Wellington, NZ at the end of 2019. Her keynote plus workshop was extremely well received and many delegates highlighted the impact on their thinking/future leadership practices. Come back again soon please!” DK Founder, justadandak
GRMA Growth & Innovation Forum “It was our privilege to have Emily present to our audience of senior leadership from fortune 500 corporations at GRMA’s Growth and Innovation Forum. She left a remarkable impact on our group. Her talk was both engaging and inspiring. With elegance and style, Emily delivered a fresh perspective about how purpose driven values can lead to successful business growth. She coins the term “social legacy” and through her authentic conversation with audiences, she inspires passion in leaders and teams to reflect deeply about what kind of social and company legacies they wish to leave and the possibilities of their impact. Whether Emily is speaking to audiences of 25 or 1000, she always inspires and delights!” Stephanie Fischer President and CEO, Global Retail Marketing Association
Google Leaders Speaking Event “Emily, I cannot express my gratitude for your honesty, vulnerability, and advice today in the Google fireside chat. You articulated so much in your perspectives of career growth that deeply resonated with me. In fact, I am taking this vocabulary to my manager (& my partner) today. Thank you so much” Danyel Rios Printz Senior User Experience Researcher/Applied Medical Anthropologist —————————– “Emily, you were incredibly inspiring and gave great advice. Thank you for being honest and real – it is quite unusula to find leaders/executives who are!” Maggie Hohlfeld Program Manager
Simon School of Business Keynote “Emily wowed the audience our alumni, as well as current and prospective students with her insights on leadership. She gave practical yet inspiring advice and creates a framework that everyone can apply to their own situation with examples and anecdotes. Her talk was extremely effective while also warm, personal and accessible. We are so proud to have her amongst our most accomplished alumni.” Andrew Ainslie Dean, Simon Business School
Leadership Scholars – Ohio “Each year we take some of the best-of-the-best college leaders through an intensive 1-year journey that includes time with senior executives from the most powerful companies in the world. Each year Emily’s impact on our student leaders is flat-out stunning! She challenges and teaches in a way I’ve rarely seen. You think you’re just listening to an engaging or humorous story from her life and then realize you’ve learned a killer truth for your own. Whether it’s life lessons, work principles, or straight-up challenge, you won’t find a better use of your time than a few hours with Emily Chang.” Brian Wells Founder & Executive Director Leadership Scholars A selective 1- year leadership program on the campuses of University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and University of Kentucky


Women ARE the C-Suite – Think LA

Women ARE the C-Suite – Think LA

The Women ARE the C-Suite event by ThinkLA spotlights remarkable female trailblazers who have written their standards for what is possible. Shelley and I chatted about the women who came before us, and how we might remember what they did to pave a more equitable way for us. We shared heartbeat moments when we followed our intuition in difficult situations. And we talked about how we can not only ensure representation but normalization. Like our mutual friend Rosa Rios – did you know that all our U.S. Treasurers have all been women since 1949?

P&G Alumni Global Conference DC23

P&G Alumni Global Conference DC23

The theme of this P&G Alumni Global Conference is Meeting the Moment as a Force for Growth and Good. Speaking alongside a diverse lineup of industry experts and emerging influencers. This event will engage attendees in dynamic dialogues on health, climate, equity, technology, AI, the future of work, civics, and philanthropy. The conference aims to craft an immersive experience, reigniting the spirit of purpose-driven innovation and camaraderie that has always defined the P&G community. Participants will be encouraged to take back lessons learned and drive positive change within their social and professional circles of influence to create value for their businesses and their communities. Register for the P&G Alumni Global Conference DC23 here.

The School of the New York Times: The Art of Negotiation

The School of the New York Times: The Art of Negotiation

Taught at The School of the New York Times on The Art of Negotiation: China vs USA. Building off of four key Chinese phrases, I unpacked key differences in how Chinese and Americans come to the negotiation table, how they approach the experience, and how they define success.


The Spare Room
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