I recently shared about our trip to the mountains outside Kunming – an incredible experience that opened our eyes to a different kind of life cultivated a deep sense of gratitude.

Ahhh, Gratitude.

That’s the thing, isn’t it? In fact, it’s everything. I agree with Brené Brown: gratitude is the thing that differentiates entitlement vs. privilege.

Because let’s acknowledge that if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably living a relatively privileged life.

What is privilege?

In India, an annual income of $77K gets you in the top 1%. So, looking at the big picture, if we have internet access and if we own electronic devices, we can consider ourselves privileged. But, and this is a big but… how do we get intentional about not sliding into a sense of entitlement?

What exactly is entitlement?

It’s a feeling that we have a right to all we own, to what we’ve been given. That we’re deserving of our privilege. Entitlement is what happens to us when we begin to take what we have, for granted.

Sounds dangerous, right? Yes, I think it is.

The person who recognizes he’s privileged, actively seeks to benefit others. While the entitled person wonders why he doesn’t have more.

The grateful treat what they have with respect and care, knowing we may not always possess these things. While the entitled are careless with their belonging, and sometimes with the people around them.

The grateful say, “Thank you.”

The grateful live with love and give with abandon.

The grateful want to leave things better than they found them, and consume less than they contribute.

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