It still exists. I see it every day, even now in mid-2022. If you follow me, you may have noticed I try not to overemphasize any singular topic like gender or ethnicity, though each is very important. But on today’s topic, I’m disappointed and believe we need to do more. Enough with this age-old double standard! Let’s turn water into gold.

Same behavior, different conclusions.

This is the crux of the issue. If a man comes on strong, he’s perceived as a good leader. But if a woman comes on strong? “She’s a little aggressive, no?” Possibly seen as a little bitchy. “Maybe it’s her time of the month.”

A man adopts a condescending tone? “Well, we all know how he is. After all, he’s a CFO.” But a woman? “She’s going to need some coaching and this may become a career-limiting issue.”

A man delays a decision because he’s thoughtful. “How measured and thoughtful! It’s wonderful that he he’s seeking others’ input.” A woman does the same? “She’s in over her head. She’s wishy-washy and struggles to make decisions.


A woman can be strong and ambitious, thoughtful and considerate. Let’s see the positive in women and recognize them for their strengths. Personally, I’m increasingly seeing my job as an opportunity and privilege to identify and support talent of all gender identities. Let’s find, raise up and become role models for the next generation.

Women, know yourself and embrace your strengths! You’re becoming gold.

Lyrics from Gold song by MILCK

This post was inspired when I heard some ugly words spoken on the phone, while one of my favorite artists was playing in the background, Check out the song Gold here, by MILCK. Sometimes we struggle to stand up for ourselves; it’s easier to stand up for others. But MILCK is right – we should be able to feel and express ourselves with confidence and not apologize for it. We should learn to wear self-respect and dignity comfortably. Enough with this age-old double standard.

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