I was discussing my #professionalhalftime with a friend recently. I mentioned that I’m loving this “in-between” space, where I have time to reflect, think and invest in those I love at a whole different level.

She responded with an excellent comment: “But really, are we ever NOT in the in-between?” What an insightful observation! Life is a constant stream of experience. Moments flow fluidly from one to the other. And while one job may end where another begins, we risk diminishing our life view when we think of each job or stage of life as a solid, unmoving thing. Instead, taking a more dynamic view of life can open our eyes to new possibilities. What if we were always in the in-between? Would we settle less and strive more? Would we appreciate the small learns and wonder more?

Haley and I enjoyed this view as we hiked and talked. What a gorgeous thing it is: the in-between.