Are you investing time to get money or money to get time? Earlier in my career I definitely put in the hours. Business review at P&G was epic. But I gladly put in the hours, eager to prove myself. Oh, and I learned a whole lot along the way. Absolutely, it’s important to demonstrate our value in the job. And almost all of us need a job. At the same time, the needle can swing too far, where we find that we sacrifice too much of ourselves to get more of what we already have. Are you prioritizing money vs. time?

time and money balance

What does thriving look like to you?

There’s no such thing as the perfect balance. But the thing is, our focus tends to swing in one direction or the other. Personally? While I deeply love my job, I’ve come a long way since those P&G business review days. Now, I see my job as a way to achieve a holistically, thriving lifestyle. Doing the best I can at work gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and earns the family money… which allows me to continue investing my time in a great job and afford the international travel that expand my daughter’s world view. These things, and the balance of them, bring me inner peace and an abiding sense of fulfillment.

So, what brings you peace?

Is traveling internationally your siren’s call, or do you crave spending more time with the ones you love? Are you itching to buy that fabulous car or yearning for the time to go on a full-day hike? (Oh and yes, it could be both those things… and more!)

Whatever it is, and whatever balance works best for you – do you know that understanding these things enables a sense of freedom for your spirit? And when you feel free, you operate at your best, which enables you to live generously!

So ask yourself – are you investing time to get money or investing money to get time?

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