We are planning the second Digital Live Experience this weekend – Friday May 20, 9PM EST! For those in China, that’ll be Saturday 9AM. Introducing: The Spare Room Community | Social Legacy Learning Labs.

So, who’s “we”? Tara leads The Spare Room social engagement and design, and has inspired this upcoming Learning Lab. This week, we paused to reflect on the many layers of our relationship; its continued evolution is a beautiful thing. Here are two meaningful things I’ve learned:

1. Allow relationships to evolve – and delight in what transpires! 💗

The Spare Room Digital Live Experience | Social Legacy Learning Lab | Emily and Tara

I first met Tara through Hatch at the C2 conference in 2017. She was beautiful and captivating and the lead singer for the latest Cirque du Soleil show. An amazing woman… I was delighted to meet her… but didn’t really expect much to transpire after that first meeting in Montréal. Then, as I started writing The Spare Room book in 2019, I suddenly remembered how Tara had been so deeply impacted by the atrocious Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi. I recalled she felt deeply compelled to use her voice for something more meaningful… to become a voice for the voiceless. So, I called her.

Tara and I enjoyed a few hours of discussion, as I interviewed her for the book (Check out her story in Chapter Three, starting on page 120). Through this process, our friendship deepened. Then, we had an epiphany! Tara’s new company, Lembas Works, was all about creating impact and empowering Changemakers. Could there be more synergy between her new mission and the concept of #sociallegacy?!

The Spare Room Digital Live Experience | Social Legacy Learning Lab | Lembas Vision

2. Work through differences and enjoy the creative clash! 💫

The Spare Room Digital Live Experience | Social Legacy Learning Lab | Emily vs. Tara

A picture says a thousand words. I’m a businesswoman in a blazer, with a background in science and math. I’m logical and highly operational. Meanwhile, Tara is a magical, winged creature. She mulls over ideas and dwells in brilliant possibilities. The two of us think, create, and communicate so differently! Honestly, it can be frustrating at times, when we come from such different starting points. Yet, we love and respect each other, so we clash productively and look for the amazing fruit that comes from that tension + confusion + beauty between us.

So, come check out our next Spare Room Digital Live Experience! 🙌

We are excited to introduce our first The Spare Room Community | Social Legacy Learning Labs! Join us to define your own social legacy and create an action plan that works for you. Together, let’s spark and empower the spare room community! Click here to join our event.

For more on Tara, check this post out or visit https://www.lembas.ca/.

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