We can’t stop thinking and worrying about Ukraine. Because this Russian invasion has turned into Europe’s greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. According to the United Nations, more than thirteen million people have left their homes in Ukraine, and UNICEF reports that with every second that passes, a Ukrainian child becomes a refugee. For three of the heroes in The Spare Room book, this war hits particularly close to home. I’m beyond honored to share their story: A Social Legacy in Ukraine.

Kym, Amanda and Karen’s story is featured in Chapter Five. Titled, “The Creatures”, their experience is one of the most heartbreaking, inspiring and uplifting examples of Social Legacy. These incredible women represent the power of amplification through unity… what a sisterhood of heroes! And what an example of what we can accomplish with clarity of purpose and intentionality!

I recently organized a reunion for the three of them, and of course, invited myself to listen in 🙂 Each woman shared such wisdom and compassion as they reminisced. The ladies spoke about both their Social Legacy and what’s happening in Ukraine right now. Watch the full video of my chat with Kym, Amanda, and Karen on my Youtube channel here.

A social legacy in Ukraine: Speaking with the women of The Spare Room story, "The Creatures".

Kym reminded us, “You can do ONE THING.”

I love Kym’s message! Looking at this woman who runs her own company, who has led the way in helping hundreds of orphans get adopted… she’s a SUPERHERO! In fact, watching Kym, it may be difficult to imagine having that kind of impact. Yet, she encourages, “If you see an overwhelming problem, like right now in Ukraine, you can do one thing.” She’s absolutely right. When I met my first Spare Room occupant, I had no idea Lia would stay with me for four months! I had simply invited her to one dinner. So when your own moment comes, and you feel a tug on your heart to take action, just start with ONE THING.

A social legacy in Ukraine: Kym and her team
The amplifying power of training caregivers in Ukraine

Amanda speaks to the Power of Amplification.

She remembers all the planning, coaching and investment into caretakers and orphans, alike. In retrospect, Amanda observed that, “Once you take that first step, you meet other people who are able to help” and the movement amplifies! She’s been so touched to see special needs kids getting moved into group homes, so they can live within a family construct. Amanda has watched orphanages transform into therapy centers like her own. And humbly, she notes, “I couldn’t have done but one small piece of that. But that’s all you ever have to do.” Because as Kym stated, we can each do one thing. And that one thing can amplify beyond our wildest imagination!

A social legacy in Ukraine: Amanda and her family
Amanda’s family, included her three precious kids from Ukraine

Karen’s Social Legacy gave me goosebumps.

In short, she states her social legacy as “Imago Dei” (I’ll be honest – I had to look this up). This Latin phrase translates to “the image of God.” Karen believes that we’ve been created for a reason and with purpose. With her one life, my amazing friend seeks to take time to appreciate people and do whatever she can to give them that value… no matter where they are in life, or what needs they have, or where they come from. She declares, “My social legacy is being known as a person who does that wherever I can.” After she spoke, we all went, “Wait, yeah! That’s what I want mine to be!” 😂

A social legacy in Ukraine: Karen and Lance
Karen serving as “Imago Dei” to her adorable son, Lance

The more I get to immerse in stories like this one, the more humbled I am by the amazing people all around me. It’s such a good reminder, that I’m a very small person in a very big world. And we live in a big world that’s full of heroes! People who are making and amplifying Social Legacies everywhere! I’d love to hear about your own Social Legacy. Or please share the story of someone you’ve met – I’d love to meet them, too!

To watch the entire chat, find our video on A Social Legacy in Ukraine here.

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