I recently spoke with Michael Sherlock on her podcast, Shock Your Potential. Michael reflected that your Social Legacy is simply an extension of your value system (at 6:25). How true that is! In fact, I believe you’re positioned to make the most meaningful difference and live the most fulfilling, intentional life… when you pursue what speaks to YOU. And that’s why it’s ok if you don’t care about ocean plastics. Because something else calls to you. A situation YOU have been uniquely equipped and designed to act on.

So, maybe it’s time to stop convincing others of your Offense.

Rather, focus on that thing which speaks to YOU, which you feel positioned to, and compelled to work on. You see, if everyone began to identify their own Offer and Offense, if we each naturally pursued our own social legacies… we could build communities with those who share our mindset. We’d move out of that tiring mode of explaining and recruiting, and shift into that joyful space where we’re finding and connecting with our tribe.

Imagine the communities that grow and thrive!

Thankfully, many communities exist to protect our oceans. One is spearheaded by the inimitable Shannon Hughes. Her touching story is featured in Chapter Two of The Spare Room, “The Sensation of Choking.” While on the subject, you’ve got to meet the gorgeous Ava Fern! Read her mama’s story to understand why seeing this photo with the turtle cupcake brought tears to my eyes.

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Ava Fern

Other communities are growing, like the one which believes in the power of movement, led by Quentin Robinson. His story is featured in Chapter Three, “The Dance.”

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | Quentin Robinson dance

Hey, maybe we can start building new communities right here on the website!

One thing’s for sure, Michael and I are going to start a Passionate women with matching hair community 😄

Emily Chang | The Spare Room | podcast | Michael Sherlock | Shock Your Potential

You can listen to the full podcast with Michael Sherlock here and check out my other podcasts here.