I’ve so enjoyed collaborating with my friend, Melissa Dawn Simkins, founder of the She-Suite. You may have noticed I recently joined a panel at her 7th Annual She-Suite Summit . And now, I have the privilege of being part of her inaugural She-Suite Magazine!

Melissa interviewed seven of us, asking about how we reset the standard in our lives.

I shared a few thoughts.

  • Not surprisingly, I talked about the concept of Social Legacy 🤓. When asked whether I felt women had more of a responsibility to lead social impact initiatives, I didn’t exactly agree. That’s because I think every person possesses power (and responsibility) in the arena of social justice. To me, it’s not just about women, because I feel most people have faced some sort of inequality, be it based in gender, ethnicity, appearance, or other. And it’s exactly that inequality that marks us in a useful way. Our own challenges with inequality or injustice impart upon us the all-important measure of empathy.

Here are highlights from some incredible women:

Antonia Hock brilliantly shares, “Fear has killed more dreams than failure ever will” and offers a refreshing take on personal hobbies and interests.

Lisa LeCointe-Cephas, SVP and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Merck, talks about the importance of “self-kindness”, and Edwige Robinson, SVP at T-Mobile, made my heart skip a beat when she talked about the importance of legacy.

The rest of the She-Suite magazine is a delight, too.

I loved how practical and real everything is, like these tips for a wholesome life – especially relevant now that Shanghai is back in COVID lockdown! This quote sums it up – and captures something I deeply believe but don’t think I’ve ever stated quite so succinctly!

Check out the magazine and more importantly, reset your standard for your work and well-being!