To celebrate Chinese Language Day, let’s look at the Chinese word for “security”. Because my social legacy is all about creating Comfort for the Spirit. That means I’m intentionally curating a safe and warm space where people can feel a deep sense of security and belonging. Now, from the Chinese phrase, what can we learn about the concept of security?

In Chinese, Security is 安全。

The first half…

Check this out: 安 means “Tranquility”. The character is literally a roof over a woman.

As a fun reference, a roof over the character for man, is the word for “word”: 字. Draw from that what you will.

And the second half…

Meanwhile, 全 means completely or holistically. So Security, 安全, is the sense of complete, holistic tranquility.

Maybe our family knew this intuitively. Maybe that’s why we’ve held on to our old, comfy furniture instead of trading up for something more glamourous. Or perhaps it’s why we always have candles burning in the house, and tea fragrantly steeping in beautiful pots.  

These things bring us a deep sense of comfort and home. And I think they give those who join us, a bit of the same.

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