UNESCO (part of the United Nations) has named April 20 Chinese Language Day. The day celebrates Chinese as one of the six official languages of the United Nations. So, to celebrate, I thought it’d be interesting to explore the Chinese translation for my Social Legacy.

See, I’ve defined my #sociallegacy as providing “Comfort for the Spirit” to those who enter my space, be it my home or office.

Photo of my social legacy from the book

Let’s dive into the Chinese language for “comfort”.

The phrase for Comfort is made up of 温, which means warm and tender, and 馨 which represents fragrance. So, comfort in Chinese is defined as “a warm and tender fragrance.” I love this wonderful, sensorial description of comfort! Whether the feel of soft, lavender sheets or the smell of mom’s chicken soup, comfort is indeed a warm and tender fragrance.

Moments of comfort

And the word for “spirit”?

Meanwhile, spirit, or 精神, translates to “a revelation of one’s essence”.

So comfort for the spirit means I’m embracing people’s innermost essence with a warm and tender fragrance. This adds such delightful texture to my #sociallegacy!

What word are you curious about? My Chinese isn’t great, but I love pulling apart words to understand their construction.

Here’s a quick video on the topic that my team made for socials:

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