We’ve been discussing knowledge – intellect – wisdom. Here’s something interesting: the Chinese word for wisdom is 智慧 (Zhìhuì).

Let’s have a look at what those individual characters mean: 智 (Zhì) =knowledge and 慧 (huì) = intelligence.

What’s the difference between ‘knowledge’ and ‘intelligence’?

Well, knowledge is a what we know – skills and information we’ve acquired through reading, learning and experience. Intelligence is the application of knowledge. So, wisdom is the combination of what we know and how we choose to apply it.

I think wisdom also requires a degree of intuition. When and how to apply what we know involves sensitivity, an ability to read the room and sense where others are at.

A final thought: most can acquire knowledge, and many can exhibit intelligence. But fewer demonstrate the kind of wisdom that draws followership.

How many people do you know, whom you’d call knowledgeable? Intelligent? Wise?

And which would you like to be known as?