I know a lot of people abide by this phrase, and maybe it works for some. But “faking it” might also feel (or come across as) inauthentic. Is there a better way? I think so… here’s an alternative to “Fake it till you make it”.

Instead, what if we tried to “Live as if”? 

Try it for a week. Live as if:

  • You were fully comfortable in your own skin.
  • In your heart, you knew you deserved to be here.
  • Those around you believed in you and wanted what’s best for you.  

What’s the difference?

Instead of faking it, you’re considering a different state of life, mind or self. You’re trying something on, as you would that fabulous D&G chiffon cape. You’re not saying you’re going to buy it (hear that, babe?) you’re just donning it and asking yourself what it would be like to live “as if.”

Instead of faking it, you’re trying to adopt an improved state of life, mind or self. You’re interrogating what has to be true to “live as if.” This is more about experimentation and learning by doing. And by the way, what a cool opportunity (and privilege!) for each of us who has the opportunity to invest in this kind of trial.

You also don’t risk veering into this danger zone:

After faking it for a while, you may start to believe you’re someone else. In fact, if you really get into faking it, you can start believing you’re capable of more than you are. You might overpromise, overcommit, or come across as overly confident. None of this sets you up for success.

What do you guys think? Have you discovered any useful tips that helped you operate at the next level?

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