I just submitted the first draft of my manuscript to my publisher. And even knowing there would be significant edits coming, still, I asked myself this question. 

My daughter proudly announced that she finished her Chinese homework two days early. I praised her, then asked her this same question.

Yesterday, I had a call with a mentee who’s immersing in a new job via Zoom (so am I!) It’s an interesting time and context in which to start a new role and meet new colleagues. We can only do our very best.

So, what does Our Very Best look like? 
– It means we prepare in advance for each engagement, considering what we’d like to contribute and what we will ask in each interaction. 
– We call in a few minutes early to ensure technology is working. 
– We stay on video, being fully present through each meeting. 
– We spellcheck, reread, and consider what another 10% might look like. 
– We pour our best thinking, our whole heart, and our unique personality into everything we do.