At McCann Worldgroup in China, we’re honoring World Ocean Day by reminding everyone to “Cut the Strap”. Last year more than 1.5 billion masks made their way into our oceans, and according to The Guardian, there are now more face masks than jellyfish in the ocean! 😨 These masks are hurting and killing wildlife. In fact, ocean life is getting choked and suffocated by masks, and sea birds find their feet hopelessly tangled in the straps. That’s why on this World Ocean Day, we want you to “Cut the Strap.”

So, what can we do?

We can each do something to reduce environmental impact!

  1. Shift to reusable masks, which don’t end up hurting animals or nature. Did you know? Plastic masks could take up to 450 years to completely degrade. I always have 3-4 reusable masks on rotation, and just toss them in the wash.


Snapped a selfie as I wrote this in the car (not driving).

2. When you only have disposable masks available, please dispose of masks responsibly. By simply cutting the straps, we reduce risk to wildlife. In fact, we want to help everyone get started! Scientists tell us it takes 21 days to establish a new habit. That’s why we’re giving away these sustainable bags, each filled with 21 masks. We hope this helps folks get into the habit of cutting the strap!

Together – let’s take every small and big step we can to protect our oceans, today and every day!

Special thanks to the brilliant Annie and Robyn for developing this awesome idea, and bringing it to life!

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