Today, we stopped the RV on the Oregon coast. As we enjoyed an entire beach to ourselves, I asked Laini what she would like to see on this trip. We’ve planned a number of stops, but is there anything else she’d like to experience?

With a small smile, she picked up a smooth, slender stone and walked to the place where sand meets water… and made this film.

We could end the #mobilebiosphere tour right now and I’d be happy. Because my daughter didn’t respond with “an ice cream sundae”, or a sarcastic comment like “how about my own bed?” Because the only thing she wants to see is the virus wiped out. She‘s got her priorities right.

And how she expressed her dream was equally beautiful.

How might you express a positive sentiment to the world right now? Is it a post, a picture, art, music, other? I’d love to see it!

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Watch the Mobile Biosphere Day 2 Video here.