We experienced such a beautiful drive yesterday! I captured a glimpse here, in case you happen to have <1min downtime to view something relaxing.

Before we left the last campsite, we left a note for an adorable dad and his son, continuing our Trail of Joy.

As we approached our next campsite yesterday, we thought the mountain was just happy to see us, but it turned out to be Chimney Rock.

We tried to listen to “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and “Atlas Shrugged” on the way here, but both appear to challenge an 11yr old attention span. Bummer. I’ll shelve those with “Of Mice and Men,” for later.

South Colorado awoke us with a snow blizzard this morning, which then turned into a hail storm. Now, the temperature is climbing and should hit 46 degrees soon. What climate diversity!

Heading out shortly for a run – just us, some horses, and the wide open plains. If you don’t hear from me again within 24hrs, we were caught in some new apocalyptic weather pattern.