As the holidays approach, I often find myself dwelling on beautiful memories, even as we create new ones. In fact, I think about the power of tradition and remember the importance of family rituals. So please bear with me as I share a few Christmas reflections today 😊

Our family has been living apart (but seeing each other frequently!) since July 2022. That’s why we were particularly thrilled when Minki came to LA, so we were able to set up the tree together. Um, we were happier than we look in this snap! 😂 I mean, tree decorating is serious business.

christmas traditions - the tree

First, we start by hanging our “annual ornaments”. You see, every year we make or have made a special ornament. In 2008, we did the baby hand and footprint thing. Then in 2009, our neighbor who was a woodworker, made Laini a special little bear ornament. Well, that catalyzed the holiday tradition! Now though we’ve lost touch with our neighbors John and Peggy, we’ll remember them always because of that special ornament. And the family ritual they inadvertently started for the Chang’s.

christmas reflections, ornaments

Of course, one last ritual is to watch, as frequently as possible, the movie, “Elf“. When he tries to run out of the bathroom while covering his eyes… eating the subway gum… maple syrup pasta… pure Christmas classics!

Elf christmas gif

What are your Christmas reflections or special holiday traditions? I’d love to hear about them! And whatever they may be, our family sends you our warmest wishes. May you experience joy, laughter, and togetherness this Holiday season. Love, the Changs

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