We’re entering our third week of the #mobilebiosphere adventure! I’m pausing to share another round of books we’ve listened to in the RV.

Set in Arizona

A sweet story of a young lady’s journey of self-discovery as she drives cross-country. Stopping in Oklahoma on land owned by the Cherokee Nation, she finds a Native American child left on her front seat. Taylor takes care of the abused little girl as she continues driving into Arizona. A little tough for tweens, but a great story about social justice, community and relationships.


I love this book! While the protagonist is a 13-year old boy, I think the finer nuances are lost on tweens. She happily plugged in her earbuds while dad and I continued listening.

South Dakota

Laini enjoyed Little Women, so I thought she might be up for this classic. Turns out, the movie was a draw because it featured “Hermione” and the book was a tad on the slow side. Pity, I grew up loving the series.


This is the winner of the bunch. A YA novel about a rebellious teen who gets sent away to survivalist camp as a last-ditch effort to turn her life around.

Excellent writing, a great story. Furthermore, listening to this book and some of the hardships Wren learns to endure was particularly poignant as we drove through the same desert. Highly recommend this one.


What was I thinking? Um… nope.