What’s a comfort zone? It’s the me-circle where everything closes in around our own needs and wants. It’s when we’ve been in one place and become so complacent, that we lose perspective on our own situation.

Think of the last time you sold your home. You scrubbed your house from top to bottom… your carpet boasted impeccable vacuum lines and your kitchen literally sparkled before your realtor arrives. You were confident their eyes would widen in surprise, impressed with your home’s perfection and declare it a quick sell. 

Instead, they stroll through the rooms slowly, wrinkling their nose at your scuffed dining chairs. They point out marks on the walls you hadn’t even noticed. God help us if they suggest bringing in “a bit of staging here and there.”

We’ve been stuck in the me-circle.

In fact, we can fall into the same me-circle at work.

You see, working in one place for a long time can be highly beneficial. We become integrated with and contribute to the corporate culture. We feel comfortable… at home. These are good things. But if we’ve been in one place for too long, we may also have settled into a cozy me-circle.

Then, new folks join the company and point out dusty corners we literally couldn’t see. It’s bound to happen. The question is, how will we react?

We can internalize newcomers’ observations as insults, defending our space as though we’re defending a part of ourselves. Because maybe we have to some degree, become one with our space. 

Or, we can lift our head and peer beyond the me-circle, gaining a fresh perspective on where we are. See things through fresh eyes and continue to evolve, explore and grow.

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