I rarely repost other articles, but really loved this one of a leader in my company. Rob Reilly and I both worked at McCann and now I feel incredibly lucky that we’re both at WPP. He’s insanely inspiring, larger-than-life passionate, thoughtfully intelligent, and… quite the charming provocateur.

What’s a Charming Provocateur?

This phrase refers to a ‘lightness of touch’ in giving feedback. A charming provocateur makes things and people better because they probe, evoke, and inspire. I related very much to how Rob used to give feedback – directly and clearly with a passionate desire to do our very best work! But I’ve also realized that if feedback doesn’t land in the most productive way, we won’t get to that excellent state.

We’re all a work in progress.

I so appreciate Rob’s vulnerability, sharing how he’s evolved himself and his coaching approach. I’ve been thinking about my own transformation quite a lot; every 5-10 years or so, I’ve significantly evolved. I’m become more caring of people vs. driven to business. More provocateur and less hammer. I hope we all continually evolve and along the way, given ourselves grace when we think back to how we used to operate.

Along the way, I hope we’re extending that same grace to others. Who they were then may be very different than who they are today. Let’s show up for the evolution and the transformation.

Here’s to growth, humility, and change.