In the course of our Advertising Week x Facebook Table Talk, Karen Teo asked me, “As a leader who prioritizes equality in business, what do you strive for?’ 

Her question brought to mind the words of one of my former colleagues. She described a “3D Leader,” which I admit, immediately became one of my aspirational goals. As Catherine so eloquently put it,

A three-dimensional leader:

  1. Leads from the FRONT, going before and motivating her team when they need it
  2. Works ALONGSIDE her team, rolling up her sleeves in partnership when it’s helpful
  3. Supports from BEHIND, allowing her people to shine in the spotlight when they deserve it

The flex required to be a 3D Leader is significant. 

  • One must be courageous and willing to lead the charge when needed. 
  • The leader must also be versatile, able to span a meaningful vertical range, setting a stretching vision and also diving down into the daily work.  
  • Last and perhaps most important, one must remain humble, actively considering how to support and elevate those around her.

Now, why does a 3D Leader help bring equality in business?

Because her sensitivity allows her to intuit what each team member needs at a given time. She prioritizes equality not in a blanket consistency of treatment, but in equitably serving each person to enable them to uniquely grow and thrive.

Which dimension do you feel is strongest, and which do you feel needs the most work?

PS – Lots of men can be outstanding 3D Leaders, I stuck with the “she” pronoun just to keep it simple 🙂 #3DLeader #purposedrivenleadership #sociallegacy