How do you approach the work day? Critical meetings? Your boss? A struggling team member? That tough meeting you’re dreading?

Is there one approach that sets you up for success in all those circumstances? I think there is.

Approach with high engagement and low attachment. Whether you’re tired at 7am and prefer to stay curled up in bed… or you’re anxious about what your boss wants to discuss at 4pm, approach each moment with high engagement. Be fully present and garner the energy to be at your best, even if it requires a few minutes of mental preparation or meditation beforehand.

Yet while you’re totally engaged, try and maintain a posture of low attachment. This means you don’t let it get personal. Your identity and self-worth are not tied to the outcome of this moment or situation. Regardless of what happens, you can walk away knowing you did your best and don’t internalize the result as a measure of who you are.

Can you think of a time you successfully engaged with high engagement + low attachment? Try to exercise the mindset this week, and let me know how it goes!