Yes, it’s a thing 😁 that runs November 20 – 26, spanning all of Thanksgiving week. Actually, I love this idea – a celebration of games that bring us together, just when family is convening in gratitude (and feasting). This year, I have a fun new idea for National Puzzle and Game Week!

Did you know that riddles were the earliest recorded puzzles? I love a good word riddle, but personally struggle with the spatial ones like Rubik’s Cube. Most of all, I love a punny joke.

National puzzle and game week - punny joke
Thanks to Brad Jakeman for his excellent Dad Jokes!

OK, back to the subject at hand: Games!

Our family loves games, though some of our favorites like Telestrations are more fun with bigger groups. Other favorites are:

What are some of your favorite games?

Taking on life challenges together can also be rewarding.

I recently began introducing The Spare Room “Challenge of the Day”. These are small, achievable challenges on behaviors that we don’t normally think about… but which can be very rewarding! I call them micro-intentions. Because small steps, repeated over time, become habits. And as habits become ingrained in our behavior, they shape our life direction.

Some examples are:

  • Get outside for 10 minutes
  • Select someone to surprise and delight today,
  • Chew your food 32 times (which is supposed to be optimal, but who does that!?)
Emily Chang the spare room challenge get outside

These are fun to do individually or with friends! So I’ll be posting one challenge every day this week. Check it out and let me know if you’ve done one! To find all my challenges, follow me on Instagram or Facebook (@thespareroom.emilychang).