Having moved to Los Angeles, I now find myself walking along gorgeous beaches, staring reflectively into blue-green ocean as the dogs scamper in the sand. The sound… the smells… the warm gritty sand and the cool, frothy waves… I’ve been thinking about 3 things we can learn from water.

1. Water reflects the beauty around it.

1. water reflects

When water is transparently clean, it reflects the beauty around it. It doubles the visual impact of everything we see. In the same way, if we are openly transparent and outward-facing, we as humans can reflect the beauty in the world around us. Having spent a lot of time in airports, I’ve witnessed this phenomenon time and again.

Grumpy, inward-looking souls stand in line after line, staring at their phones or tapping their feet impatiently. But one kind gesture, one warm or funny word and suddenly, eyes look up. Eyes crinkle and mouths upturn. The energy around us changes immediately. Suddenly, we’re co-travelers sharing an experience, sharing travel stories and helping each other with luggage. It only takes one person to catalyze this beautiful effect, because we, like water, have the power to reflect the beauty around us.

How do you reflect the beauty around you?

2. Water presents different kinds of power

2. water presents different kinds of power

Have you experienced the nonstop, thundering crash of a waterfall? If so, you know first-hand how awe-inspiring a waterfall can be!! Its power can be harnessed to create electricity and over time, water can carve beautiful passages through stone.

On the other hand, the endless expanse of the sea represents a different kind of power. It covers over 70% of the earth’s surface, operating as a cross-planet conveyer belt and regulating our global climate.

What kind of power do you project? Do you bring the focused power of a waterfall, or are you more expansive like the ocean?

3. Water can also be delightfully playful

3. water can be playful

In pausing to appreciate an effervescent brook or the fanciful dance of water fountains, I’m reminded that this force of nature can also be delicate, uplifting, and fun. I think it can serve as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.

Do you pause to enjoy the moment, sometimes feeling free enough to burble and dance with abandon?

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